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Saturday, 03 November 2012 08:35

Endless Vistas Begins Featured

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The name, Endless Vistas, came to me one day in 1993.  Actually it came to me in a doodle as, "Endless Vistas of Exploding Frogs."  I doodled all the time in my college classes because I wasn't much of a note taker.  But this particular one stuck a chord in me -- it felt like something big, like something channeled through me.  
Shortly after that, I realized that Endless Vistas would be a good name for a magazine and for years I held onto the idea that I might someday start a print magazine.  I spent time mocking up magazines, learning desktop publishing software, and trying to figure out how I might bring this idea into reality. 
At the time, I was very interested in dreaming, so I always told people about the "dream magazine" I wanted to start.  Thinking back on it, I could have simply let go of the things I felt were holding me back and just started it.  It could have been printed on paper and stapled and passed around the college campus. My inner perfectionist objected to doing anything in a sloppy manner. So, I could never quite get this project off the ground and it has continued to eat away at me over the years.
Around 2000, I had a strong urge to register the domain name, endlessvistas.com.  I was glad I was able to get it, even then, but at the time I cringed at spending $35 a year on it.
Over the last few years, I realized that I wanted it to be about more than just dreams. I felt that the magazine would encompass the broad range of phenomena that collectively offer proof of life after death, and of the bonds of love that link this world to the next.
Around 2004, I wrote this: 

I believe that these links are proven through occurrences such as afterlife communications, near-death-experiences (NDEs), out-of-body-experiences (OOBEs), dreams, precognition, and synchronicity. The simplest events often offer the most convincing proof that love is eternal - a song playing on the radio at just the right moment or a butterfly blocking your path. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have even stronger proof through a powerful session with a psychic medium or a dream in which our loved one visits directly, but the message is still simple -- they love us and will be with us, always.

I have finally reached a point in my life where I'm actually making this happen.  It isn't quite what I've imagined over the years. The popularity of tablets and e-readers signals the demise of print publications so I dropped any plans to publish a paper magazine. 

This marks the launch of the Endless Vistas blog.  I will delve into my thoughts on the topics listed above.  I want to help people to feel better about themselves and life.  Our human experience is such a gift and many people don't realize it.  We need more people to shine their light brightly on the world.


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