Thursday, June 17, 2021

Spread Your Light to Others

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Sunday, 18 November 2012 08:00

Ask the Angels

The angels cannot help you unless you ask.

Published in Daily Thoughts
Monday, 27 February 1995 00:00


I am here
knowing you as you know me
I pull at you and infiltrate you
One ounce or twelve, it is all the same.
I calm the burn, the desire, the frustration of
Let me take you away
Smoothly with a taste of angels.
Let me be your endless vista
Numbness flows in apathy's river.
Why feel it?
I'm the enchanted land of childhood
Lands of your control and others of torture.
That swirl of mind
That chaos of consciousness
Coming together

You are the voice
calling my name
telling me things I shouldn't hear
about trains, liquor, and laziness
I know you are there
Daily invasions mark your method
You ask so much
And give so little
Why are you there
Stop tormenting me
You ask so much
Knowledge of true reality grips me
Unlike other people
Other voices speak truth
I only hope that I listen to them
before I listen to you.

Published in Poems

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