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Spread Your Light to Others

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Saturday, 30 October 2004 00:00


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From stillness comes
A little voice
Beginning imperceptibly
But growing unstoppably
Until it can no longer be ignored
Then still growing until it drowns out
All other thoughts
It knows what it wants
And it means to get it
It doesn’t care about you
Only about itself
It convinces you that it will bring pleasure
But the only reward is its silence
Your sense of taste is enslaved
To its bidding
On an empty stomach it penetrates quickly
Washing away your senses
It tells you that drinking more
Will make it feel even better
Until you are lost in it
Unable to think
Or function
Consciousness fades out
Disturbed sleep takes over
Tossing and turning
Pain and nausea
Awake in the morning
With anger at having listened again
But the voice is gone
That’s it, never again
Today starts a new leaf
The nights will be more productive
Take control
Screw the voice

Later in the day
From stillness comes
A little voice
Growing to crescendo
It must be silenced.

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