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Spread Your Light to Others

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Saturday, 26 August 2006 00:00


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Two souls, split from one
Encounter each other
In this life.
Naturally opposites and opponents
They work against each other
Because each took different traits
From the original soul.
Mutually each despises the other
And silently plots to destroy
They are unaware of the truth
They don’t know there are countless others
Ripped apart before birth
Perhaps they meet in battle
A fierce fight
Hand to hand combat
The survivor stabbed the victim
In the throat
But he has problems reintegrating
Into society
Because of a gnawing emptiness
He says a part of him died in the war
But he cannot know
The devastating truth of that statement
He killed a piece of himself

Maybe two soul-halves meet
At their place of employment
One is highly competent
The other causes problems
But they must work together
Day after day they face frustration
They may spend their entire career
Wishing the other would go away
They deprive themselves
Of the joy they could take
In their work
Because of the daily struggle
Against an unstoppable force
There are hints they don’t see
Small similarities they share
Something in common that
They can’t quite grasp
Like the battlefield enemies
Ultimately they will know the truth
They will one day discover
After this life has ended for both
That the one was the other
And the other was the one
When they opposed each other
They opposed themselves.

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